Thursday, August 27, 2009

August 27 Cubulero Wheelchair Giveaway 4 Lives Changed

In spite of the fact that this morning's eye team in Agua Fria was a FLOP, the Lord made lemonade out of a lemon of a situation. When people didn't arrive for the eye brigade, we made a few quick calls and moved on down the road to give away wheelchairs. Our local contact Tinito was able to rally several people who needed wheelchairs so we gave them away on the main corner in a curil stand in Cubulero.

What is a curil? Well it is a shell with an animal inside that the locals eat raw with vinegar. Ugh..... Black oooshy, gooshy blood everywhere and they just suck them down like they are a delicacy. What is a curil stand? It is an outdoor stand that sells these nasty things.

Taking her chance, she moved up from behind and positioned herself to jump into her chair.

When Jose realized that she was headed for her new chair, he asked if she wanted help. "No!" she responded, so Jose got out of the way.

On her way! Moving at the speed of light!

She moved fast with her "hand sandles" and in a flash she was halfway into her chair.

She could hardly wait to get into her new chair. She didn't want any help... so she got in all by herself.... God bless her!

Almost in!

The SMILE tells the entire story. I don't even need words! Thank you Lord for calling me to help people. It is such a blessing. Thank you Jack Deloss Taylor Trust and Dr. Catherine Taylor Foster for making this day possible. Than you Free Wheelchair Mission!

Everyone patiently waits as the men put together the wheelchairs.

Jose and a guy who was walking down the street put together wheelchairs while people arrived.

This is the beautiful group who received wheelchairs today. Tinito and Jose standing at the back.

This man couldn't contain his smiles.

This lady received her chair and was soooooo happy! It was the first time she had been out of the house in years. She put on her best clothes and arrived. She talked to people as they passed by and was so excited. She left thrilled. We just heard that she died tonight only a few hours after receiving the wheelchair. The family re-donated the chair in order to help someone else.

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