Saturday, August 15, 2009

August 15 2009 Wheelchair Giveaway In Choluteca

Some of the Boy Scouts returned to finish putting the wheelchairs together.

I want you to look at these BEAUTIFUL faces.

Young faces!

Old faces!

Grinning faces!

Happy faces!

Extremely happy faces!

We have seat belts which were sent to us by Free Wheelchair Mission BUT WE HAVE A HUGE PROBLEM! Every time we give them away, everyone wants one. Everyone wants all the bells and whistles on their new “car”, just like at home. So we wait until everyone leaves EXCEPT for the few who really need the seat belts and then we give them to the few. Sometimes you have to know how to outfox the fox.

It always amazes me to watch the wheelchairs leaving after we have the group wheelchair giveaway. There are taxis, borrowed cars, buses and some even leave wheeling their loved ones down the street.

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