Friday, August 21, 2009

August 21 2009 Wheelchair Giveaway Choluteca

Thanks to all of our supporters. This giveaway was sponsored by the Free Wheelchair Mission, Ernest y Linette Gaudet Trust, the Michael Martin Family, Hotel Flamingo/Sonja & Sergio Lovo and the Jack Deloss Taylor Trust we are able to continue to give away hundreds of wheelchairs. Our goal is to make sure every person in southern Honduras who needs a wheelchair and cannot afford one is given a wheelchair! May God richly bless those who have helped us towards our goal!

The people begin to arrive and we seat them in the Hotel Flamingo hallway until all arrive.

Family and friends arrive to help those in need of wheelchairs.

You can tell by the happy look on my face how much I enjoy being able to bless these people.

He is happy with his new set of wheels!

Group photo! Note all the happy faces!

I love to watch as the people load their new chairs into taxis, trucks, trunks or just roll down the street to catch a bus! What a blessing to be able to participate in giving to the poor!

Returning home in the bed of the pickup.

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