Wednesday, August 26, 2009


In Aramicina today I saw a heartbreaking case. The last photo in this series is a man who was born with no legs and partial arms. The apple carton to his left is what people used to carry him around. They placed him in the carton and two people carried him where he needs to go. Now he has a wheelchair!

THANK YOU! Free Wheelchair Mission and THANK YOU! Dr. Catherine Taylor Foster and THANK YOU! Jack Deloss Taylor Trust. Your generous gifts made this gift possible! The wheelchairs are sent to us for free, but we must pay for shipping from the port to the warehouse and from the warehouse to the remote villages where the people have SUCH HUGE NEEDS.

SOMEONE donated their garage where we didn't have to work in the hot sun!

Volunteers help arm the wheelchairs which arrive in boxes and take about 30 minutes each to put together.

One happy recipient!

Other happy "mobile" people after receiving their chairs today!
This man, cannot write, cannot read, never had a birth certificate, has no idea how old he is and has been carried around in a cardboard box for years. Today, thank God he has a wheelchair! Blessings to all who donated to make this possible!

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