Sunday, August 30, 2009

Passing On Blind Curves? No Problemo! My Faith Tested!

In the USA this truck driver would have lost his license and maybe even been thrown in jail, but instead I followed him for miles and miles on a windy road taking photos of his STUPIDITY as he passed on blind curves. Every time I saw a curve, I prayed.

I truly believe that the Lord had me driving behind this guy praying so lives would not be lost! He almost ran the ministry truck off of the road, so I started taking photos.

Look at the hard right hand curve slightly ahead of the semi truck.

The red pickup has to scoot off the road just like we had to scoot off the road a few minutes earlier.

Instead of the blue pickup waiting for the red pickup to be able to pull back up on the road, he goes around him also.

A few minutes later we are at another blind curve and he passes again.

He almost hit this car head on.

Then he almost hit this car head on.

Another curve another pass.

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