Thursday, November 22, 2007

Eye Brigade El Caimito, San Lorenzo, Honduras

Today we held an eye brigade in El Caimito, San Lorenzo;
We saw 180 patients and found 20 that need cataract surgery.

The brigade was held in the elementary school and the lines were long with people really excited to have the chance to see a doctor.

65 people prayed for salvation.

Hot, HOT, SUPER HOT!!!!!! and this is November 22!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A Miracle Happened Today

I woke up this morning at 4:30 am and prayed. The SMART Medical Teams Ford pickup needs new tires and there was no money to them, I need to pay the scholarship for the student in University and there is no money and I need to pay some bills for the mission’s office, so I prayed.

I asked the Lord which piece of my jewelry I should sell and He answered me and said, "Who do you work for?" It is not often that I really hear this clearly from the Lord, but since I didn't have pizza last night, I know it was Him speaking to me. I quietly answered Him and said, "Well, I work for you God." Then He spoke to me again, this time he was very kind and He said, "And what do I have you doing?" I answered, "You have me writing a book." "Then start writing." He said as though the answer had been there for me to see all the time.

So I wrote and wrote and wrote. I got up only to use the bathroom and kept writing, still in my pajamas. I didn't eat breakfast, I didn't eat lunch and the words flowed.

At 1:30 PM my dad called from the USA and he asked me if I was expecting any money. I said, "Yes." "From whom?" he asked. "From God!" I answered. He said, "God sent you $3,000.00 and I am going to deposit it right now.

The money came from a place that was totally unexpected! God moved. The photo is of the tires after I took them off of the truck. You could see the metal below the non-tread.

Every time you are in a bad spot and need an answer from God, just ask. The Bible says that He knows our requests even before we ask them.The first thing that I did with the money was to go and buy food for 3 families which had nothing to eat. Tomorrow I will buy the tires.