Friday, September 18, 2009

September 18th Nacaome Valle Eye Brigade

Today was a wonderful day! We saw 88 patients and found 15 people with cataracts.

Victor performing an eye exam on on a young girl.
One of or younger patients.

The patient line outside in the shade of a big tree. 90 degree weather prevailed most of the day.

The line trickled in the door as people impatiently waited their turn.

The scene when we arrived.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

September 17 El Conchal Eye Brigade No Electricity

This was an interesting eye brigade. I have a saying, "The only thing that you can count on is that nothing will go as planned." This is my motto for Honduras. Somehow we get things done, but it is seldom easy. Today was one of those days. We arrived to find that once again a local politician, who doesn't like us had cut the electricity. He does this regularly because I am an OUTSPOKEN critic of his corruption. Since he is the person who placed the man that is in charge of the local electric department, he just gives him a call, the electricity is cut off to the pueblo where we are working and we have to work with a generator. The first time this happened, I had a dream the night before and the Lord showed me in the dream that there would be no electricity. I stopped and borrowed a generator from a church and went the 15 miles further to find that there was no electricity. The people in the car with me were trying to tell me that, "there was no problem, there was electricity, there were no power outages, etc." The look on their faces when we arrived and there was NO ELECTRICITY was priceless. God is good!!!! See my blog about Diputado Eleazer Juarez.

Waiting for eye exams.
More people waiting on their coke crate improvised chairs.
Victor Montoya performing eye exams.
The clinic was performed at a local school on the front porch with the generator around the side of the building. No bathrooms by the way... well there are bathrooms, I lied... but they have no doors and .... well you can imagine.... it made for a long day, the bumpy roads back to civilization almost shook the pee out of me.

More people waiting and talking. I didn't make of list of the patients this day but it seems we saw about 100 people and there were 13 people with cataracts. They will have surgery the end of the month.

Thank you Martin Family for your donations which help make these clinics possible.