Friday, September 4, 2009

September 4 Snap Crackle POP! The truck is....

There was a big bang, a snap, a pop and I was 4 blocks from the farm. I had gone out to pay my farm worker and to pick up a ton of guava and lemons.

Turns out the belt snapped and broke the fan blades and something else that is round and grey and plastic.

Good news, Tim can fix it.
Unknown factor, are the part available in Honduras?
Bad news, I have dinner at the Mexican consul's home tonight and who knows how I will get there. I am at the farm and who can pick me up?

Follow up: Edwin came out and picked me up... An hour late to dinner... Edwin hit a hole in the road and killed one of his tires on the return trip. The consul was late to dinner also... so his wife got to wait for all of us. The Ford place didn't have the parts in Tegucigalpa, only in San Pedro Sula. So I bought the parts from a local junk yard.
Thank you Tim, for fixing my car!

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