Friday, September 4, 2009

USA Sanctions Honduras

Today I am sad! Not because of a death, not because of a fight, not because of anything that one might normally be sad about. I am sad today because the United States government (Hillary Clinton) has cut off all non-humanitarian aid to Honduras.

For the last two months and several days since June 29th since ex President Mel Zelaya was kicked out of office by the Supreme court of Honduras and the Congress of Honduras, the United States has placed pressure on the new government to return him to power. I have watched and wondered “WHY?”

During these two months, I have kept a fairly low profile in Honduras. I have been out and about, but not nearly as much as prior times. I have continued to work, helping people with medical needs and with spiritual needs, but I have spent more time at home studying and looking at things from several points of view.

The ex-president is a hugging friend of Fidel Castro, Evo Morales, Hugo Chavez and other far left, socialist government leaders. He has been accused of moving drugs from South American countries through Honduras for sale in the United States. He has been accused of stealing Honduran money from government accounts… in fact he has been accused of many illegal things, but the USA government has refused to accept the new government.

In all of this, I have felt sad, let down, surprised, shocked and…. But in all of this I have come to the realization that what Honduras needs to know is that in reality they do not need USA aid. They need a relationship with the Lord and the church needs to wake up and provide the answers which Honduras and for that matter the USA needs in these hours.

In Acts we read where the church took care of the poor. We read where the apostles and deacons and elders fed the hungry and prayed for the sick. We read where the church helped the widows and the orphans. We, both Hondurans and US citizens have learned to depend on the government to take care of our needs and wants. We have become people dependent and government dependent. Instead we should be dependent on God and those of us who are Christians need to step up and take our places as leaders within the church and within the government. We need to run for public office and we need to be in positions of power where we can make a difference in the lives of others.

The future depends on us and our relationship with the Lord not on our governments’ decisions. Whether our governments are right or wrong, make right or wrong decisions, WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE IF WE EACH INDIVIDUALLY DO WHAT IS RIGHT!

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  1. Yes, we must continue to do what is right even though we may be persecuted.

    I fear the U.S. government is so full of extreme lefties who want to see Zelaya back to dismantle a la Chavez the checks and balances of Honduran democracy. It is what they are slowly doing here in the states.