Sunday, September 6, 2009

September 6 2009 A Wonderful Day At Church and 3 Wheelchairs Given Away

Her's is a story that would break anyone's heart. Four small children, no way to feed them, so she took off wetback to the USA. The train in Mexico took both of her legs when she fell under it. Until today she had never owned a wheelchair. She cooks and does everything on her stubs and sitting. She was all smiles!

This man came to church for a wheelchair and stayed for the service.

Tarah Jurka Carrette is singing with some of the kids from the center. The little blonde girl is Allie. "Daddy", John Carrette has his back to the camera taking photos of all his children and hs beautiful wife.

This big boy is Tim and Yvonne Knoesten's son. He is so cute.

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