Thursday, September 3, 2009

September 3 Tegucigalpa Wheelchair Giveaway

Jose Benavides and Marco Linares helping adjust the chairs. The chairs come in boxes and must be put together, so each time we have a chair giveaway, we have already spent 30 minutes per chair getting them put together and ready to give away. This doesn't count driving time and loading and unloading from the warehouse.

Renan Enestroza lifting one of the patients into his new chair. Look at the smile on the patient's face.

Mom, dad and patient with Vice Alcalde Renan Enestroza.

Sometimes it is hard work to get patients into the wheelchairs. And the more they weigh the harder it is.

I have never in my life seen anyone so bent as this child. Her body was totally bent.

Sometimes we do not realize how much trouble it is to move people who have no use of their legs.

Seat belts were handed out to those in need after everyone else left. Otherwise every one "needs" a seat belt and there are not enough to give to everyone.

Teresa with Vice Mayor Renan Enestroza and a wheelchair recipient. This is the group who received wheelchairs today.

The whole "gang" who received chairs today. 17 people in all received their chairs today.

It is always fun to watch the people leave with their wheelchairs. This chair almost didn't fit in the taxi.

Spare tire out, wheelchair in....
This wheelchair giveaway was made possible by donations from Jack Deloss Taylor Trust and Dr. Catherine Taylor Foster.
Wheelchairs were donated by Free Wheelchair Mission.
Thanks to all of you for helping Honduras.

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