Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Honduras! Politics, Pies and a Cake

I know it has been a while since I have posted, but I am getting caught up. At first I was afraid to post regarding what was going on in Honduras. I didn't know if the old leader would return and "get" his enemies or not. Those who have dared to post the truth from the media have been threatened with death and kidnap of their children.

Barack Obama was standing with the deposed president who is a socialist. Hillary Clinton called for him to be reinstated. Financial sanctions were implemented by the USA and other countries. For a while only Israel and Taiwan were standing with Honduras. But Hondurans are a strong people and the democrats decided to stick with the truth no matter what. So they have.

I do not know one single missionary here who was angry at Zelaya being kicked out of the government. I only know a few Christians who are with the old government. Most of these few, were on the payroll or are personal friends. Many pastors have come out LOUD and CLEAR against the former government.

I will start posting tomorrow about the things which are really happening in Honduras which CNN (nicknamed Chavez New Network) and other news sources are reporting as pacific marches.

CNN reported 100s of people killed. I PERSONALLY went to the Human Rights Department at the Attorney General's office last week. They reported only 2 deaths. They personally told me this! This is not I heard that someone said, that someone said.

As I was watching the films posted on the internet of the "unarmed marchers" I found 3 people with guns and 1 shooting. Now if I am untrained and can find this, why can't the news agencies find it?

Meanwhile the outside donations of wheelchairs and the eye clinics have suffered due to the unrest. Friday will be our first eye clinic since this all started. Saturday will be our first wheelchair mission giveaway. I have been at home for days on end, baking and waiting for this to all blow over.

Today I made cherry pies and apple/pear pies and a Pina Colada Cake (pineapple and coconut). Tonight is the Honduras vs Costa Rica soccer game and we really need to win! First because Costa Rica has pressured Honduras to restore Zelaya to power and Honduras has something to prove politically by winning and ..... We want to win to win!

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