Thursday, August 13, 2009

Honduras, Honduras!

This is one of the "peaceful" protesters. And President Obama and Hillary Clinton say they want this man's leader reinstalled as president.
This woman was one of the shoppers terrorized by the "peaceful protesters". Behind you see Popeyes exploding and in flames. This is just a couple of miles from my house.

This is the vice president of Congress who was brutally attacked by "peaceful protesters".

Holding off their "friends" and "peaceful protesters" from continuing to kick the vice president of Congress.

This is the vice president of congress and these people are kicking an unarmed man.
Yesterday the military and police finally started arresting these people.
These are the so called "peaceful marches". Notice the rocks in their hands.

Popeyes Chicken after the bombing.

This is the Burger King a block and a half from my house.

"We the poor are many. Culture cannot be bought or sold."

Unfortunately this is exactly what is happening. Money from FARC, a confirmed 3 million dollars, is coming into Honduras to pay these "artists" and other "poor" who are marching.
"Artists against the coup"

"Art = Revolution"

I suppose destroying property is art. How warped is this thinking?

"Get out of the country traitors of the nation." "People that hit" "Trash" "Judas"

I want you to notice how nicely painted this wall was.

Many Catholic leaders have come out in agreement with the "coup", since the old deposed president broke so many of the laws. This is the "resistance" response to this.

Bishop Andino is below the elite"

"SOLD Catholic"

In other words they think he sold out to the new government.

This says "live Che" talking about Che Gonzalez and "Always until victory"

This is personal property ruined.

The head of the Human Rights Commission is Ramon Custodio. Because he agrees that the former president should have been disposed and that human rights violations are not happening on a large scale like the protesters are stating, they wrote this, "Sold Ramon Custodio Judas".
Patriotic or die!!
"Patriotic or die"

This is the front of the Catholic church in the center of town. I can not make out what this says exactly, but I think it says something like "Christ serves the mafia"
Popeyes after the bombing. This is 2 miles from my house. The march started close to there, came to a block from my house and then returned and blew up a bus and this Popeyes.

This bus was burned on Tuesday about 2 miles from my house. People were on the bus when rioters threw the Molotov cocktail which made the bus explode.

Shortly thereafter they exploded the Popeyes Chicken place with another bomb. Patrons and children were inside. Thankfully all got out alive.

This is Pollo Campero less than 2 blocks from my house.

Notice the colors of the flag over this man's mouth. Honduras colors are royal blue and white.

A teacher, yes a teacher painting...

This was the Little Cesar's Pizza at the public university.

This car was parked in front of the public university.

Dunkin Donuts at the public university.

Advertising signs on the street close to my house.

I have tried to remain silent on my blog spot about what is going on in Honduras, but I now have to break my silence. People are asking for the truth and I am going to tell it like it is. Vandals from Venezuela and Nicaragua are tearing our country apart, especially "American" food chains and anything that has to do with the USA. Below are a few photos which speak for themselves. Pray for the peace of Honduras and pray for our police and military!

I did not take the photos above. They were taken by ......Christian Jose Romero

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  1. The one picture...Christ serves the mafia, really says "Christ at the service of who...something behind the police and then mega" below that says "God or female God dead"

    Patria o muerte....Country or death (like fighting to the death for the country)

    "Bishop Andino is below the elite" is really Bishop Andino down with the elite

    And a bad word, if you do not know it, so much the better.