Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Have You Ever Told Your Kid Don't And They Did Anyway?

Have you ever told your son or daughter "Don't do that!" and they did it anyway? That happened today. I told Jose very clearly don't drive into the sand and he responded with the Spanish version of "you are a party pooper" and then he kept driving.

It was 100 degrees outside and thank God I had enough diesel in the car to sit in the air conditioning while he and several passerbys attempted to get the truck out of the sand.

Immediately I told him, "Go get a tow truck." But would he listen to me? Not a chance!

So he and several unknowns worked on getting the truck out of the sand for several hours before they finally gave up and went for a wrecker.

The wrecker was too far away to get back to the truck BEFORE THE TIDE came in, Jose finally decided to listen to me when the water started filling the holes where the truck was sitting.

So instead of a wrecker he came back with this!

I have no photos of getting pulled out, because the tractor had to pull the car up on a shrimp farm levy to keep it out of the water as the tide came in and guess who got elected to be in the car driving it during the tow job?

That's right MOM! I had to get him out of the mess that he got himself into.

I was really proud of myself, I didn't say, "I told you so!" At least not at the moment! Thank God there was a tractor close or my truck might have flooded. The water was about 3" from the door when we finally got towed out.

Oh what fun it is to have a MAN kid!

And did I say we were on our way to visit Jose's new beach property?

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