Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Radio and Television Bible School for the Rural Department of Valle

The ministry is going well. I am teaching a lot, studying a lot and seeing the hand of God move in healing and growth for the people around me. God is moving and blessing me. I am going to start a radio program next month, teaching the Word of God. It will be 30 minute teachings every day, but I will record the teachings with an interpreter on a biweekly basis.

Pray that the Lord will send in the money that I need for the program. I know He is telling me to do radio and television. The television is 2,000 lempira per month plus production or about $200.00 per month for 30 minutes per day. I can use the same interpreter and the same program for both television and radio, so that will duplicate the listening audience, but will save me time.

The program will be a Bible School where the people can listen and write down all the scriptures and study them and then they can take a test every month and get credit for Bible School. It will be for just one Department in Honduras. There will be diplomas for each teaching series and when the people successfully complete the sessions, they will receive a diploma.

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