Tuesday, August 12, 2008

August 12, 2008 The Motorcycle Accident Continued

Tuesday August 12, 2008 Update on the Motorcycle Accident

Oscar went to the hospital last Tuesday and it is now in writing that he needs a new heart valve. A new heart valve will cost 30,000 lempira or about $1,600 US dollars. We are thankful that Dr. Catherine Foster has agreed to donate the money for the new valve.

The “CRAZY” motorcycle driver or his company obviously had paid off not only the police department but also the Prosecutors Office. Jose went today for the results of last weeks with which he must prove in court on Thursday that he was not drunk. The Prosecutors Office could not find the computerized complaint, we do have a copy. The Forensic Medicine Department of the Prosecutors Office cannot find the blood and urine tests to prove that he was not drunk. We have the note where they were ordered.

So in typical Honduran style the saga goes on. Tomorrow is another day and if they do not have his tests for him tomorrow, a criminal report will be filed for corruption against those who received the complaint, those who took the blood and urine tests and the police who gave a false report saying that he was drunk.
The new back tires cost $350.00. Ugh!!! Unexpected expense!

Since Jose is running for Congress, it is really important that his name is cleared, or this might could come back and bite him later.

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