Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Jose is doing well in his bid for "DIPUTADO" for the Department of Valle in Honduras. He is working hard with the medical teams and has raised a lot of support (moral, not financial) in his bid for a congressional seat in the Honduran Congress.

Today we found out that "SOMEWHERE" between the Liberal Party Headquarters and the Electoral Tribunal, all of the paperwork for Jose's department was stolen. That includes all of Jose's paperwork. Someone doesn't want Jose to run for Congress. Jose has one political enemy (that we know of) and he is a candidate for Congress who is up for re-election. Jose and I have caught him in lie after lie after lie and finally I took the "bull by the horns" and told the LIAR that he could not show up at any more of my medical brigades. I gave him four chances, one more than I give most people and then I sat him down and as my dad would say, "I told him how the cow ate the cabbage." Every since that time he spends more time trying to figure out how to hurt Jose than he spends campaigning.

The other day, a new school was being inaugurated and "the liar" showed up at the inaguration. When he arrived, he arrived with 10 used school desks. Upon arrival, the local mayor and everyone else were seated at the head table and one of the people said, "Now we are just missing one person, Chepe Benavides." When "the liar" heard that he growled at the mayor and all of the local commissioners, "If Chepe arrives, then I will NOT donate the desks to the school." Immediately the Public Relations person from the Mayor's office called Jose (Chepe) to tell him that the meeting had been postponed until the following week, but Chepe being an ex-policeman, "smelled a rat". So he proceeded to the inauguration posthaste. When Jose arrived, everyone turned green.

"The liar" left the seats with the school, but told the Public Relations man from the Mayor's office that he never wanted to see him again. Needless to say, everyone is mad at "the liar".

Does anyone know a school district that wants to donate a bunch of school desks to a rural school in Honduras? I THINK WE HAVE A CONTAINER COMING FROM SEATTLE, WASHINGTON SOON.

Today Jose went to San Lorenzo, Valle for a brigade that we sponsored for Osteoporosis Screenings. Since both cars are being looked at to see what they need to be "fixed" and since it involved a bus ride and I don't do buses, I did not participate in the brigade. He arrived back in Tegucigalpa, really tired. THE LABORATORY WORKERS SAW OVER 275 PEOPLE AND GAVE INSTANT REPORTS AT THE OSTEOPOROSIS SCREENINGS.
All in all it was a good day!

Proverbs 8:7 For my mouth shall speak truth

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