Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Looks Like I Will Be Parking In The Horse Parking Lot For A While

This horse parking lot is adjacent the local market in Caridad, Honduras. We were there just last week with an eye team.

Sadly, tonight my brakes went out on my car. The pedal goes to the floor. After talking to a real FORD repairman, he thinks that it may be as a result of the impact of the motorcycle against the back wheel with a force strong enough to explode the tire.

Tomorrow morning I have to go to the courthouse in a taxi at 7:30 AM. It is Jose's court date for last weeks accident. They never did find his blood and urine tests and his complaint that was in the computer at the Prosecuting Attorney's office is also still missing. Go figure!

Tim, regular mechanic and another missionary at the church, doesn't return until tomorrow and after a flight all the way from South Africa, it is doubtful that he is going to feel like fixing the brakes.

Pray about a second car for the ministry. To rent a car here is close to $85.00 per day. Taxi's are not safe because of all the assaults and most of them are in ill repair. I have felt for the last three months that we need to get another truck for the ministry. I do not want to say it out loud, but the Mazda is a 1986, she is asleep in the garage and has been asleep for the last month. Tim says, the gas tank leaks and cannot be repaired, must have a new one and the clutch disk or something like that is broken.

I found a FORD Ranger 2000 Super Cab. The truck had been in a hail storm and was beat up all over, more than anywhere in particular. When I looked at it, the guy wanted 125,000 lempira for it and all the taxes had been paid. It sat around for three months and then disappeared. So I called to see if he had sold it and he said, "No, he had all the hail damage repaired the the entire truck repainted."

I asked how much he wanted for it and it is still 125,000 lempira. That translates into $6,600.00. I think I can talk him down to $6,000.00 if I have cash. A nice tool box that comes with it!

If you know anyone that has a heart for missions and is interested in buying the truck for us, or helping us with a donation, please let me know. There is no time like now!

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