Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tuesday August 5th, 2008 Crazy Motorcycle Drivers And Corrupt Police

Tuesday morning about 10:00 am Jose took the Ford F350 and left to go to Hospital San Felipe to pick up Oscar, my farm worker who recently suffered a heart attack. As they were returning, with Oscar in the car, Jose made a left turn and a “CRAZY” motorcycle driver came up the middle of the road passing all of the other cars at 100 mph and hit the driver’s side rear panel of the truck.

The back tire was punctured. The back panel was banged up and the motorcycle was hurt. The motorcycle driver however was fine.

But in typical Honduran style it didn’t end there. The motorcycle driver works for a big company whom he called and the company he works for then called the Policia de Transito. In Honduras when you have an accident you can count on waiting for at least 3 hours for the police to show up, but by some stroke of “luck” the police showed up in 15 minutes. When the police showed up so quickly, Jose called me and said, “Something is up.”

Everything seemed to be going well, the motorcycle was clearly at fault and then at 10:30 am the police had Jose take a breathalyzer test for alcohol. The police took away Jose’s drivers license gave him a ticket and told him to show up in court August 14th. Since Jose was a police COBRA for so many years, he knew that there was a major problem when they took away his license and wrote that he could not drive until the court date, so he called me, and I drove him directly to the police station. We talked with high officials and found out that Jose was supposedly drunk.

So we went to the prosecuting attorneys office and asked for a blood and urine test to prove that he had not been drinking. Four hours later after threats of lawsuits and threats of corruption charges, they finally agreed to do the tests. We are guessing that the company, for which the motorcycle driver works, had arranged with the police for Jose to be “drunk” where they would not have to pay for the damages to the truck. Thank God Jose knew that the citation was not normal.

The accident took place at 10:15 am and we finally arrived back at the office around 6:30 pm. What a day!

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