Saturday, July 3, 2010

June 28 - July 2, 2010 Well Digging With Holy Water Mission In Goascoran, Valle

Filemon Benavides and the horse which hauled all the well digging equipment...

This is one of the walkways to get to one of the digging spots. 

The well is lined with a 5" PVC pipe.  Tediously a hundred slits are cut into the PVC where the water will seep into the pipe.

The wells are low tech... but they work...

The gravel is poured down the hole around the PVC pipe.
The wood above is to "mark the spot" and to hold the rope.

 The hole is ready and the PVC pipes are ready to go down the well.

All the happy workers.  They tried in 6 different places before they finally hit water.

Tony Di Lorenzo of Holy Water Group also brought along reading glasses and gave them and Bibles away to the locals. 

Turning the drill bit by hand is low tech but effective until you hit rock... This particular hole was about 15 feet deep when they hit rock and had to start over.

So they packed up the horse again and off to another spot to try again.

Yea!  They hit water!

Tony was a guest at a local neighbor's house while he was there digging the well.

Everybody wanted to pick the next place to try...

Starting to dig... 

Sometimes it is just too hot so the guys looked for the nearest creek and sat in the shade for a while.

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