Wednesday, July 21, 2010

July 21, 2010 Wind Chimes, Office Work and Relaxing

Today started off with me knowing that I needed to do a ton of paperwork but DREADING it like I always do. There is only one thing I hate worse than paperwork and that is ironing. I started looking for GOOD excuses NOT to do paperwork and found one quickly. My office was a mess, it had been a while since I had straightened all the drawers in my desk. My file cabinets were disorderly, not much, but they did need to be weeded out. My closet in the office was... well to put it lightly a rat's nest... Did I say that?

I stay so busy and paperwork is the last thing I want to do and when I am in the office, I see my pile of paperwork soooooooooooo.... I close the door to the office and pray for the Lord to provide me with a secretary/accountant where I can do what I want to do and paperwork is not on that list.

About 100 years ago I went to a garage sale and there was this broken wind chime with about a gazillion pieces that were all broken and messed up and thrown in a plastic bag. I think I paid 5 cents for it, but I don't remember for sure. So when I was cleaning out the rat's nest today, I found the plastic bag. I was in the mood for a little handicraft stuff so I set it on my bed for later tonight.

Yes I cleaned out the closet. Yes I cleaned out the drawers. Yes I got my office in order. No I didn't do any paperwork.

But tonight sitting in bed watching FOX News... I went to work. I had some fishing line and I counted the pieces and put it all together. I don't watch CNN (Chavez News Network) anymore since they slammed Honduras during the Legal Presidential Succession which they called a "coup". I was here, I knew what was going on... and they sent in the daughter of a minster in the cabinet of Daniel Ortega to do the reporting... Anyone care to guess how she slanted the news? So anyway... I no longer watch CNN. While watching Fox...I worked and all the pieces turned out to be a beautiful wind chime...

So should I put it at the farm or at the house? Decisions, decisions!

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  1. It would definitely be a nice touch on a patio or garden. It reminded me of my own wind chime project which turned wonky and out of balance but I think it adds charm and whimsy. The trend now apparently are wind spinners which are more modern and dynamic visually.