Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July 27, 2010 Picking Up My Friends Linda Bell And Bobbie Warner In SPS

Jose and I left very early and drove from Tegucigalpa to San Pedro Sula to pick up my lifelong friend Linda Bell from Little Rock, Arkansas and my new friend Bobbie Warner from a little town outside of Little Rock.  

Linda and I first met in 1970, now several years before either of us will admit to being alive... So we have been friends for a while.  

They arrived on a dual purpose trip.  Both are members of a group of world travelers and they were both adding more countries to their repertoire. They wanted to visit Copan Ruins so we left immediately.  Today was a day of answered prayer.  We got their bags and boxes into the car, we climbed in, paid the parking attendant and then the rain started pouring down.

The water was literally half way up on truck tires.  It rained so hard, we could not talk from the back seat to the front seat without lifting or voices.  The streets got scarily full of water, so we all took out our cameras and started shooting photos.

There were times when we could not see the curbs the water was so high. In some areas small cars were flooded out.  But with our able driver, Jose, we paddled on.  We all felt like ducks!

The rain was hitting the car so hard that the windshield wipers couldn't keep up.  Even the side windows were covered.  I have been in Honduras for years and have never seen rains like this year.  Just about every where that can flood has flooded this year.  

We have been unable to work in Coray much this year due to washed out roads.  Several months ago we got stuck in mud on a dirt road trying to go to Costa de Amates.  I was not sure we would ever get out, but somehow I managed to get the truck out.  I didn't get into the mess, Jose did... But he couldn't get out so I gave it a try.  Other than a hurt ego, Jose's not mine, we had no more difficulties.  Now back to today.

Finally we arrived in La Entrada and I made an executive decision based on Jose's concern for driving in the dark when there could have been mudslides or worse yet a washed out road.  The executive decision was to stay in an unknown hotel in La Entrada and get up early in the morning and head for Copan Ruins. 

The hotel was a pleasant surprise.  It was immaculately clean and we were able to get a room for 4 for $65.

Dinner was average, the food was salty, but we ate (well part of us ate).  Bobbie was in a wreck in her pickup last night.  She arrived today in Honduras and rather than going to the doctor or hospital last night when she had the accident, she came here without sleeping all night and she was hurting all over.  

When we arrived at the hotel she went to bed, without eating, but not before showing me substantial bruising on her back, sides and kidney area.  I was really concerned and have decided that I will insist that she go to the doctor tomorrow morning when we arrive in Copan Ruins.  I know of a good doctor there and I will feel better if we get her checked out.

Hopefully tomorrow will be clear where we can make the hairpin curve ride to Copan Ruins with no problems.  Now for a good nights sleep...  

The lights are out at the hotel... At least part of them.  Guess some light pole is down somewhere.  At least they have a generator.

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