Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July 28, 2010 From La Entrada to Copan Ruins, Macaw Mountain and Nia Lola's

This morning we woke up to a surprise. We didn't know that the hotel had a pool. It was bright and sunny and we enjoyed breakfast while overlooking the pool.

The ride to Copan Ruins was uneventful, but we were glad to have spent the night. Several places in the road had mud slides over them. The grass was really green from yesterday's rain.  Clouds partially covered the mountains and the view was beautiful.

We checked Bobbie and Linda into their hotel, something Linda had done on-line and then we took Bobbie to the doctor. As I had thought, she had the possibility of a bruised kidney and he put her on pills. The accident evidently has done some kind of internal damage. He ordered her to get a series of x-rays and a sonogram, but they cannot be done in Copan so we have to go 2 hours back where we came from or we have to go on to Guatemala as planned. What to do? Well Bobbie is not to be coddled, she is going to see the ruins if she dies seeing them! So we drop her and Linda off and Jose and I go to eat lunch at the hotel.

Hotel Marina is my favorite in Copan. I have some wonderful memories in that hotel. This is a photo of the pool at Hotel Marina.

There are cute little nooks to relax and read a book or to just sit quietly and listen to the birds and enjoy the plants.

We picked up Linda and Bobbie and not to be hampered by sore muscles, we went to Macaw Mountain and enjoyed the wildlife, flora and fauna.

Nothing like ending the day with dinner at Carnitas Nia Lola. We ended the night satisfied with the good food and took a photo as we left the restaurant.

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