Thursday, July 29, 2010

July 29, 2010 Trip To Chiquimula, Guatemala For X-Rays

It was a short stop on the way to southern Honduras, from Copan Ruins, passing through Guatemala and El Salvador... This is a small town called Chiqumula...  As it happened Bobbie Warner was in a car accident in Little Rock the night before leaving to come and visit me.  She refused to go to the hospital and got on the plane early the next morning, with my friend Linda Bell, and headed to Honduras.  When they arrived in San Pedro Sula, Bobbie was hurting, but we started driving to Copan Ruins anyway.  The following day, yesterday to be exact, I forced her to go to the doctor.  He sent her to Chiquimula, Guatemala for x-rays.  It was about a two hour drive.  So here we were waiting for her appointment.  Rater than wait in a "waiting room for hours, we looked around the city market.

Peeled Coconuts

Bobbie Warner standing in the street in the market.

Eggplant, green peppers, onions and potatoes

Apples, plums and yellow cherries which are called nance

All the colors are beautiful

I wonder why these don't fall over?

Even the children sell fruit.

Another tropical fruit... anyone care to guess what it is?

I am always amazed at the way women carry baskets on their heads.

All the women wear fluffy, frilly, lacy aprons...

Taking a rest sitting and leaning on the coconuts...

Japanese plums with the mystery fruit on top...

Bobbie standing in front of the X-Ray Clinic....

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