Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July 28, 2010 Receiving A Few Thousand Pairs Of Used Eyeglasses From A Little Rock Arkansas Lions Club

Last year I had 48 days of eye brigades using used glasses to help poor people see.  COVA now ZOE Clinic sends several of their eye techs with me out into the most remote areas of Honduras.  So when Lion Linda Bell arrived from Arkansas with a few thousand pair of eyeglasses I was elated!  This means we can help more people see!  Thank you Linda, thank you Bobbie Warner, thank you Arkansas Lions and thank you ZOE.

When ever there is a photo op all the locals like to participate.  
Unknown lady on the left, Teresa Searcy in black, Lion Linda K. Bell holding 
all the glasses, Jose Benavides on the right of her and an unknown other 
local on the far right.

Lion Linda K. Bell from a Little Rock, Arkansas Lions Club holds part of the
Lions Club's eyeglass donation while Jose Benavides looks on.

Bobbie Warner (left) from Little Rock area joined Linda and carried 100s of
eyeglasses in her suitcase.  

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  1. I like those ladies. Good card players, too.