Friday, January 1, 2010

Starting The New Year Off On The Right Foot Giving Away Food and Toys

Yesterday the ministry received a huge 40 foot container filled to the brim with food, toys and clothing.

This was one of the first houses where we stopped to share gifts with the children. This house is located just feet from the main highway (Pan Americana that runs all the way from Mexico to Chile.

We had a couple of police go with us to give away the items as there have been a lot of robberies lately in the south.

Further down the road we found a stick and mud house with these kids inside. These children were really happy with their presents, but they were camera shy.

After all the kids received their toys we asked to take a photo. They couldn't stop smiling.

The entire family smiled look at mom's face.

I got into the car and brother and sister sat down together to play. I had to snap another quick photo.

A few blocks further up the raod we found another "house" and decided to stop and help them also.

As it worked out there were 3 small children, mom, dad and grandma all living in this "house". We donated them several cans of vegetables and toys for each child. Everyone was happy.

We happen to know this man who is the caregiver for his younger brother who is terminally ill, so we stopped and gave him some food. He was literally running to the house with the cans and running back for more. He was grateful and kept saying, “God bless you! God bless you!”

This lady lives in her adobe home with all these children and she just happened to be taking care of a friend who had been severly beaten by her boyfriend. The food and the toys were greatly appreciated.

In Alianza we stopped to help this woman and her family. She is blessed with an arm full of used clothing and a bunch of cans of food.

Look at the house in the background and you will see where the next family lives in the town of Alianza, Valle.

We loaded the adults up with arms full of clothing for the children and for themselves and then we gave them food donated by a canning company in the United States.

Everyone was happy but someone was REALLY happy!

This woman lives with all of these children. We gave all 7 of them toys as well as cans of food.

When we arrived this older lady was sitting on the porch.

In Alianza, Valle these two ladies live with yet another older sister. All three received food.

When we arrived at this home between Cubulero and Alianza, Valle there was no one to be seen... but within a few seconds the father and children along with a friend were out front and receiving their food, clothing and toy gifts.

This little old man in Alianza was sitting in his underwear when we pulled up to give him and his old friend some food. We were told that he sometimes has to beg for food.

This woman was washing clothes out back when we arrived, she came out quickly and received her food gift and each of the children. Look at the child size flip flops she is wearing... ouch on the heels...

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