Sunday, January 31, 2010

January 31 2010 Toy and Canned Food Giveaway In Chorro, Goascoran, Valle

These photos were taken in a little dusty village named Chorro, Goascoran, Valle. In the next post dated today you will see more photos taken along the Pan American Highway, between Nacaome and El Carretto, Valle where we also gave away more toys and food.

Many of these children have never owned a toy.

We need SHOES! Please consider having a shoe drive in your area. Perhaps your church or your child's school would collect children's shoes.

I had a wonderful weekend, sharing toys and food shipped to me from my friend Dale Leininger and his Honduran wife Gloria. Ernie and Robyn Breaux paid for the shipping for this container and several friends of the ministry donated money to help pay for the diesel, hotel rooms and food to go and stay in one of the poorest and hottest areas of Honduras. Thanks to all of them this wonderful weekend was possible!

Chepe Benavides stands with this little old man worked who hard all his life and now helps take care of a mountain of grandchildren.

These men both need help. They have lost their crops several years in a row due to drought and they have several mouths to feed.

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  1. You should be called Mother Theresa. Seriously.

    PS. I like your new background.