Sunday, January 24, 2010

Geyser In The Kitchen And Great Church Service

One might think it would be an uneventful day... After all it is Sunday... Church, lunch out at a friend's Italian restaurant, a nap, a few calls to the USA. That would be a normal Sunday... but today was not to be a normal Sunday.

I woke up LATE, very late... 9:30 and had to get showered, dressed and drive 15 minutes to church all in less than 30 minutes. I arrived 10 minutes late, but the worship service was still in full swing.

After returning home (and thank God I was home) I heard a kind of small explosion sound and ran into the kitchen to see what was happening. The head had popped off of the kitchen sink spray arm and I had a geyser of water going straight up and hitting the ceiling and then spraying all over the kitchen. The kitchen curtains were soaked, the stove, the spice rack with my 100s of spices, the top of the refrigerator, the microwave was dripping, the clock was dripping, the fruit bowl had converted into a swimming pool for fruit. Cleanup took a while, but with ceramic tile floors and counters it was not too bad. The worst part is that the curtains are drip drying. I felt like Noah for a few minutes. Thank God I was home when it happened. And NO I did not get a photo.... I wish I had but it would have really been a mess if the water had sprayed any longer.

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