Monday, January 4, 2010

January 4 2010 Corquin, Copan

My friend Erlinda Portilla Mata is from Corquin, Copan. I had planned to go to Copan Ruins for New Years, with her, my friend Belinda Mace and several other people, but with the container held up in port and then with it’s final delivery late the 31st, my plans were scrapped.

But Erlinda, in spite of the fact that now she had to go in bus and not in car, insisted on taking some wheelchairs with her on the bus to Corquin. For 3 years this young girl has been waiting from wheelchairs from various organizations which promised and never delivered on their promises. Erlinda was not going to let her down again just because of transportation issues.

After she received her wheelchair, she sent word to Erlinda several times during the week that she was thrilled with her new chair.

The man also was in desperate need of a wheelchair and absolutely no way to pay for one. What a blessing! Thank you Erlinda for taking the chairs and thank you Free Wheelchair Mission for donating them. His family borrowed a whelchair from a neighbor in order to bring him to town to pick up his own. This brings to mind an interesting point. People share their wheelchairs here. When a neighbor or a friend needs to borrow, the other person shares.

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