Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Giving Away Toys At The City Dump

Today was a day of giving, a day of joy and a day of tears. I have to return to the dump... My heart is pulling at me...

This little face behind this BIG toy tells the story of today's toy giveaway in the Tegucigalpa City Dump. Please NOTICE left foot in right shoe and right foot in left shoe.

We lined up the 50 or so children of the 200+ which live and scavange for food and treasures at the dump. Boys in one line smallest to largest.

Girls were in the other line, smallest to largest.

I caught a photo of this young one killing a "cootie" he had just plucked out of his hair. It made me want to cry and it made my head itch with sympathy. Notice the dirt on his arms.

As I tried to take photos of dirty little faces, they tried to hide.

I think he may have been attempting to make a gang sign with his fingers.

Girls on the right boys on the left.

The girl with the 45 on her shirt was so hard and so cold. I tried to reach into her heart and be kind to her but it seemed that there was no way to crack her hardness. I must pray that the Lord will touch her. She needs something only He can give.

I wore jeans and tennis shoes today on the advice of a friend. I came home, stripped them off at the door and headed straight for the shower. My heart aches.

We gave the kids cookies and Coke and then they sat down to play.

This young man wanted a toy so bad that he invented a little brother. He wistfully looks inside the bed of the truck hoping for us to glance away where he can pass off a "kited" toy to one of his friends waiting an arm's length away.

The look changed when he found out that he too would get a toy.

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