Sunday, January 17, 2010

January 17 2010 Toy Giveaway In San Lorenzo, El Paraiso

The kids started arriving as soon as they saw us drive up.

They arrived in groups and they were very well behaved.

He is happy with his gift, now he is waiting for his friend's name to be called out.

A big hug was Jeannie's reward for giving this toy away.

She loved her toy horse.

This little girl was trying to tell Jeannie Loving what toy she wanted.

He got a white car.

A pull toy was the perfect gift for this child.

Mom is very happy with this elephant.

Daughter is still trying to decide if she likes the elephant or not.

In every group there is a "crybaby" and this was today's "crybaby". He cried when he had to wait for his toy, he cried when he got his toy, he cried when we took his photo, he cried about anything and everything... Oh well it just goes to prove you can never make everyone happy.

I wanted to take this little precious girl home with me. She was so cute and very happy with her new toy.

These three musketeers were inseparable and very pleased with their new toys.

San Lorenzo has a special place in the heart of Jeannie Loving, my friend and a very special missionary.

All the children seemed really happy with their toys. I know I was happy! I had such a wonderful time... Now I am paying for it with chigger bites... That is the bad part of working in the country...

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