Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January 5 2010 Wheelchair Giveaway In Tegucigalpa

There are some days that are wonderful and there are other days which are great! Today was one of those GREAT days! It is so much fun and so fulfilling to help people.

These two young men both had a dream come true today when they received a gift of freedom. They received their new wheelchairs.

Thanks to all of those who helped to make this dream become a reality. The Michael Martin family for paying for the gasoline to move us, the Jack Deloss Taylor Trust for paying for the Customs paperwork and Free Wheelchair Missions for sending us the wheelchairs. Also a huge thank you to Renan Inestroza and his foundation “Repuesta Por Andar” for putting together these chairs.

Each chair takes about 35 minutes to put together. All of the chairs come in boxes, in pieces and are put together by volunteers. With everyone working together we can all make miracles like this happen for many people.

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