Monday, November 8, 2010

November 8, 2010 Well Drilling At A Rock Farm In Choluteca

Sometimes things just do NOT go as planned.  SMART was blessed to have Tony De Lorenzi of Holy Water Group come to Honduras to drill a well several months ago.  11 holes and 1000's of rocks later a well was completed in Paso Hondo, Valle, Honduras.  

This time Tony requested that he go to a different area where there were not so many rocks.  Spanish for rock is "roca".  Spanish for boulder is "piedra".  At least that is what the dictionary says.  But I asked for a place with no "rocas" and the photo below is where they sent Tony to drill the well today!  

Thankfully tomorrow is another day and he will try again!  In a place with no "rocas" and no "piedras" Hopefully!

 But all was not lost... Many people received reading glasses and Tony also took family photos and gave them to the people.  Yes he had a printer with him...  Everyone was thrilled!

Please note the sunglasses in the family photo above.  

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