Sunday, November 21, 2010

November 21, 2010 Today's Blog Is About A January Food Giveaway

Dale and Gloria Leininger of Halo of Hope Ministries sent us a container of tens of thousands of pounds of canned veggies from the USA.  Our ministry friends Robyn and Ernie Breaux paid for the shipment and with it we were able to bless other ministries as well as individual people in need.   

 I had heard about a young lady by the name of Amber Foster here in Tegucigalpa who has a ministry to the alcoholics and glue sniffers and other street people.  Although I could not do what she does, I do have a heart for her ministry and she is evidently very effective.

 It is important to note that I had never met Amber, she was a Facebook friend with a friend in common.  With her Facebook email, I offered her some veggies.  She sent her right hand Darwin and we filled up her BIG SUV several times and the only thing I asked was for photos of the giveaway.

Amber made photos of the veggie soup she made to take to her homeless people.

Here are some of the people she ministers to...

He seems to be enjoying his soup... He doesn't even set it down for the photo.

Look at this precious little girl...

Looks like Amber had a few volunteers helping her.

She still had more veggies to make more soup for later delivery...

I know you are asking, "Why did I wait so long to publish this?"  It just seems like I have to do the work or do the blogs and sometimes there is just not time to do both...

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