Saturday, June 12, 2010

June 12, 2010 Cubulero, Alianza, Valle Cornmeal Giveaway After Flooding

The flood waters raged through Cubulero, Alianza knocking down houses, fences, washing away cows, people, cmtaries, etc.  You can see here that the water covered the upper fence line.

On the left you see what looks like a really wide ladder.  That is part of the roof of this house.  The adobe washed away and the roof collapsed, the tiles slid down and this is how the house looks a week later.

This man is moving a microwave...  we gave him a sack of corn meal.  
The microwave looks flooded and dead to me.

See how far up the fence line the dirt and leaves are?

Everything outside trying to dry it out.

The water rushed through here with such force, it washed the adobe out from between the wood.  
Now they have a see through house.  We also gave them some cornmeal.

The roof stayed on but the walls became see through.

This is a path which goes down to the river.  As the water receded, it took trash with it.

Chepe, Jose Benavides, giving away cornmeal.

These people were on lower ground and their adobe was washed away clear up to their ceiling.

Repairing the house, first the rocks go in and then it is covered with mud.

Not sure I would want to sleep on this after it flooded, but some people have no choice.

Jose Benavides giving away more cornmeal.  Thank you to Ernie and Robin Breaux for the donation where we could help others.

This entire house crumbled.

All the local ladies showed up for some cornmeal.  Today we gave away 2,000 pounds in the flood area.

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