Thursday, June 3, 2010

June 3, 2010 Jose Benavides Sworn In As An Attorney

In 1998 this skinny COBRA was assigned to me to pass out food to hurricane victims after Hurricane Mitch.  This is him in his repelling gear.  He has just jumped off a 4 story building and hasn't even broken a sweat.  

He saved my life and became like family.  But he only had a 9th grade education... So I put him in night classes in high school and he finished and then I asked if he wanted to get a University Degree and he said, "Yes!"  So I put him in university and now....

He has a law degree and today he was sworn in as an attorney...

He has gained a few pounds...

But doesn't he look nice in his suit?

Now he can practice law...

I am proud of you Jose Beltran Benavides Bonilla!  You did good!

Jose with a friend after the ceremony.
These are the kinds of things which make it worth it to be a missionary.  
Good results!
People's lives changed and for the better.

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  1. god bless you life and your labor Teresa, inspiring story!