Sunday, June 20, 2010

June 17-20, 2010 Ear Nose and Throat Surgery Team In Choluteca

Some of these photos are a little bloody so if you get queasy, it might be better to move on to the next blog.

This ear has been repaired several times and now is beginning to take the form of a normal ear.

In surgery...

Another ear having had several surgeries... and close to being finished...

Isn't he cute?

This was the result of a machete...

The team and some of the patients.

Volunteer, Dr. Mark Zafero and one of the patients...

Another one of the patients...

Three of the nurses from Hospital Del Sur who help us on every trip to the hospital.  
They are wonderful!

Genevieve and Gabby Burgoyne left and right with one of our long time patients.

Genevieve and Gabby Burgoyne with another patient.

This young doctor volunteered and helped our team.

Posing before a surgery.

Anesthetist Will always volunteers when our teams are in Choluteca.

Four other patients waiting for surgery.

This is the mother of one of the patients.  I want you to take a close look at her feet in the next photo.

Yes, she has two un-repaired club feet.  
I am praying for an orthopedic doctor to join us on one of our trips.
Now you know why.  There are lots of cases like this.

He has had a surgery where some of his rib was implanted to make the frame of his new ear, stage one.  This time we go on to stage two.

Look at that smile!

This little pumpkin is a future patient, this time his older sister went under the knife.
These children need to be at least 8 years old to start with the surgeries.

He is so active!

Dr. Mark Zafaro and a patient... the team brought toys with them for the patients and lipstick, nail polish and eye makeup for the local nurses.  

This is how many of the ear repairs start out... just a stub!

Dr. John harvests from the ribs and then forms this to place under the skin.
He draws the patients "other" ear and then tries to match it as best he can.

Then he tries it out to see how it looks...

Every ear is different.

Showing off his chest scar after the rib harvest.

Dr. Mark Zafaro with one of our favorite patients.

A tumor was under all of this... 

Sonia Lovo left, started as an interpreter for our teams when she was 10 years old.  Now she is in medical school and still working with us.  Dr. Mark zafaro center, a volunteer doc from Honduras on the right.

Thyroid, too big but soon to be out...

I know it looks very bloody, but there was no gauze in the hospital to clean it off before the photo...
This is the next day after the surgery and he is ready to go home.

Two more of our precious patients.

Dr. John Burgoyne with one of the patients.  Dr. John has been such a faithful volunteer with SMART Teams.

Dr. John Burgoyne and Dr. Mark Zafaro working hard.

One of our favorite patients.

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