Thursday, June 10, 2010

June 10, 2010 Jose's Graduation From Law School

Jose is sworn in as an attorney and takes his oath.

Jose had two witnesses to watch his swearing in... One of which was Benjamin Valledares photo left.

Jose Benavides, left.. Teresa Searcy center and attorney and family member, Juan Angel Benavides on the right.

Jose and 5 of his classmates, all attorneys.

Jose all dressed up in his toga and ready to face the world as a first class attorney. It has been a long road which started in the fall of 1999. Jose was a COBRA police special forces guy who had only completed 9 years of school. I convinced him to return to school and he finished high school in night classes. Then he entered Law School at Jose Cecilio de Valle University in Tegucigalpa while still a COBRA. The first year he fell asleep in classes after working for 24 hours and then going to class, but he worked hard and he made it through. Congratulations Chepe!

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