Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June 15, 2010 In My Spare Time (what a joke) I Am Designing Skirts and Shirts From Recycled Fabrics

In my spare time, which I really don't have much of, I stay busy doing the things I love to do. Baking, studying my Bible, writing (I am on my 3rd book but still waiting for the 1st one to be published), crafts and playing with fabrics are my favorite things to do. Some day when I have my dream secretary/accountant then I will have more time. Somewhere out there the Lord has someone who can keep my books and do my paperwork where I can do what I love most, teach the Word, work with my hands and help people.

Both of the skirts below were made from old pairs of blue jeans and new and old fabrics. They look much better on a person than just hanging on a hanger. I will try to get a model and post some better photos later.

I have this huge pile of fabrics, well to tell the truth it is a huge pile of used clothes with holes in them or stains on them which I have purchased at "bundle stores" here in Honduras. Every once in a while I pull them out, match up a few fabrics and play. I work around the holes and the stains and I always look for wonderful textures, laces and shiny fabrics....

I add sequins, which are hard to see in the photos.  I add beads... paint... old earrings...pieces of jewelry...

I am considering selling them at Valle de Angeles the local handicraft spot in Honduras.  So far I have been giving them away.

I am also mulling over the concept of making napkins and tablecloths.  I love pretty shiny things!

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