Saturday, January 15, 2011

January 15, 2011 Prison Ministry and Then Street Ministry

Preparing for the Music... all the young prisoners sitting along the wall with some of our team... Levita sharing his testimony.  He came was an active gang member, now inactive, he is active preaching and singing anywhere and everywhere he can.

I am guessing about 100 young men showed up for sandwiches, cupcakes and soft drinks.


Joshua sang about how his life had been changed. Joshua is some of the "fruit" of my years of ministry in the prison with the gang.  I shared Jesus with him when he was in the prison.  Tyanne Jurka, my pastor's wife also invested years into him.  He is out of prison now and has been walking an honest walk with the Lord for 2 1/2 years now.  He is writing songs, singing in the band and is one of the leaders of "Angeles de Barrio", the street kids ministry. He is also active in prayer groups and Bible Study Groups.  He learns and then he teaches.  If you can't tell, I am very proud of him.

Then Rosa sang.

We asked for them to pray after the concert and the testimonies and this was the result.

The boys were very respectful and bowed their heads as we prayed for them.

Many of the boys held hands with out team members as they prayed. 

This young man has been accused of double homicide.  His trail comes up soon and he has asked for prayer.  

We took some ex-gang members with us who shared their testimony with the kids.  We also took teachers from our church. Peggy Perdomo, one of the children's church teachers, is in the pink sweatshirt.

Following this concert with the major group pf young prisoners, we went to the gang side of the prison, did a mini-concert and shared with them.

After we left the prison, we dropped off all the equiptment and most of the  young adults and then my friend Jami and I, plus our driver (whose name is omitted because he is still a little uncomfortable with this ministry) hit the streets of downtown Tegucigalpa in search of transvestites.  

Yes, you read it right.  We shared the left over cupcakes with them and talked to them about the love of Jesus.  Several of them were really scared since 7 have been killed in the last few weeks.  Many spoke to us saying that they were ready to make spiritual and lifestyle changes.  

My life is never dull.  I didn't take photos of this part of today's ministry.  

Leaving the last group of transvestites, the police pulled us over to see what we were doing.  I happened to know the police who stopped us, so we gave them some cupcakes also and went on our way, tired and fulfilled from a long productive day of ministry.  

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