Wednesday, February 17, 2010

February 17, 2010 Making An Outdoor John For The Beach

It all started when Jose "Chepe" Benavides purchased a piece of beach front property on the Gulf of Fonseca. I, of course, was invited to visit, but unlike all the "guys" I liked to have a nice place to go potty. (Why am I writing this for the whole world to read?) Below is a pile of wood which I purchased to start the project.

There was no easy way to have my wish. Honduran latrines are the PITS! People don't aim and they are just nasty! So I remembered Grandma Jewel and Grandpa Yancy Wallace's outdoor john. I grew up using it in southern Arkansas.

I got on the internet and sure 'nough there was an outdoor john design, similar to what I remembered. It took several weeks to finish working on it when I had time. It cost a hundred dollars, but then, I plan on visiting the beach a lot. And.... I made it large enough that I can change my clothes and take a shower also!

The next hurdle was that I had to make it small enough to place on the boat to get to the island which Jose bought, but large enough to be comfortable. This proved to be a challenge. I made it in 2 halves, I took the first part to the beach one week and the second half a few weeks later. It was heavy!!! It took four guys to load each half into my truck. Below is a photo of half of the john in the boat on it's way to the island. And yes mom, we made sure we were safe. Remember wood floats!

The inside of the door has a spring where it will swing shut. It is placed over a brick pit. Someone told me that lime takes away the "stink". Does anyone know if that is true?

Finally in place, the outdoor john is BEAUTIFUL and serves it's purpose. I even placed a lock on the outside of the door where passersbys won't get it all yucky.

I was distressed that half of the wood looked new and half looked old and weathered, but I guess in a few months I will never know the difference. Next week I will take some clay tiles for the roof.

If anyone wants to come and visit, there is a nice bathroom! Now where do we wash our hands?

And for those of you who doubted that I am creative... Here is proof that I am!

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