Wednesday, February 10, 2010

February 10 2010 Another Only In Honduras Day

Just another day at work four stories up in the air. No safety rope, what you see hanging is the torch hose.

Now lets take a look at the crane holding up the steel beam... Could it be touching the electrical wires?

Look a little closer...

and a little closer... Can you beleive that this man is up there and the crane could fall over any minute since it is sitting on pieces of wood?

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  1. The wood at the front hydraulic cylinder is called "Cribbing" when set like this. They did it to make up the distance difference caused by the left side being on the sidewalk & the right on the street.
    I have actually seen the same thing done in U.S. Navy shipyards. If done correctly it's ok, this looks fine IF it's solid hardwood.
    As far as touching the power lines...Gald I'm working with this crew.