Monday, January 19, 2009

Nacaome, Heat, Wheelchairs and Happy People

How can I describe Nacaome? With just a few words! Hot! Dusty! Breezeless! You might say, "Why in the world would anyone go there?"

The reasons are simple, love of people and free wheelchairs! Nacaome was the center of the world for me today as we had our 3rd Wheelchair Giveaway.
This man had on tennis shoes, but the bottoms were totally SLICK! The souls have rubbed off as he has been dragged from place to place. He has no use of his legs at all and is extremely poor. Does anyone have a pair of 10 1/2 or 11 wide tennis shoes?

This lady came to claim her wheelchair in her "P-jammies".

We held the wheelchair giveaway at the Church Of Christ in Nacaome. Pastor Santos Ramirez donated the use of his church and all of the men of his church worked hard to assemble 35 wheelchairs. Here Pastor Santos stands behind one of the men who received a wheelchair.

Picture of the television crews from the two television channels taking photos!

Our biggest little helper. I wish it had been one of my grandchildren helping! Little David, Mikey and Daniel all three are so sweet and considerate of others!

Our youngest recipient was a little overwhelmed about it all. He cried buckets of tears only to be comforted by our youngest volunteer. His mom has carried him around all of his life and now he is just too big. She placed him in the chair and he didn't know what to do.

This next weekend, I will be on the road again giving away wheelchairs.


  1. Teresa,
    This looks like such a wonderful ministry and such a joy being able to serve these people this way. I hope that you continue to be able to physically do what you obviouslly have plently of spiritual energy for! God bless,
    -Dr. Ryan Schroeder

  2. Teresa, I've just been catching up with your blog and the wonderful work you've been doing - I can only imagine the sense of freedom that this will give to the people you've helped and to their carers.

    With love, Angie XXXX