Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Friend Is Having A Baby! And I Am Making Chocolate Covered Marshmallows!

My friend Melissa is having a baby! We have been talking about treats for baby showers and I was compelled to make something for her.

I purchased a bag of marshmallows around Christmas time. Marshmallows are hard to find in Honduras and when you can find them they are usually melted together or smashed from transport or careless handling. That really doesn’t matter if you are making a yam casserole, but for other things it is nice to have them round and pretty. Besides all that they are $3.00 or $4.00 per bag here in Tegucigalpa. I was going to make Marshmallow Fudge but never got it done, so I wanted to use the marshmallows before they went bad.

Marshmallow Pop Ingredients

A bag of large marshmallows, preferably not smashed but in nice round condition
A bag of Chocolate Chips or a pound of Chocolate
A little bit of vegetable oil
A package of lollipop sticks
Wax paper
A package of Sprinkles any color
Cello bags
Curling Ribbon
Decorations *Small Wreaths for Christmas *Baby Binkies for a baby shower *Wedding Rings or Doves for a bridal shower *Birthday Candles for a birthday

Place Marshmallows flat side down on a hard clean surface and push lollipop sticks into the marshmallow as centered and a straight as possible.

Place all “stuck” marshmallows with sticks into the freezer for 10 minutes.

Heat chocolate to melt. I use my Wilton Chocolate Warmer that my friend Dede Reed from Aurora, Illinois bought for me. If you don’t have a chocolate warmer, BUY ONE or use a Baño Maria, which I don’t know how to say in English. It is where you place water in a double boiler and heat the chocolate in the top part. NEVER EVER LET THE WATER SPLATTERS GET INTO THE CHOCOLATE! And if your chocolate gets too think, thin with a little vegetable oil, NOT WITH WATER!

When the chocolate is melted, take the marshmallows out of the freezer and dip them one at a time. Make sure to cover the entire marshmallow, but don’t let them sit in the chocolate or they will melt too. I shake the excess chocolate off the pops by lightly tapping on the side of the pan.

Then while the chocolate is still wet, I sprinkle the sprinkles (non-pareils) lightly around the rounded sides of the marshmallows and finally I dip the flat side of the marshmallow in the sprinkles. By dipping the top, this insures that when I place the marshmallow on the wax paper it doesn’t form puddle of chocolate and the top is completely covered so it looks nice when bagged.

I place all of the pops on wax paper then I place them in the freezer for 5 minutes. This is enough time to set the chocolate, but not enough time to freeze them. Set your timer, frozen chocolate is not pretty!

Place the pops in individual Cello bags. Tie with curling ribbon.

Add any cute plastic design to the ribbon. I used diaper pins, baby bibs and mini plastic binkies.

Curl ribbon with your scissors.

These are fun to make with grandkids, IF you have the chocolate melting pot. I would not recommend doing this with little ones with the Baño Maria.

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