Sunday, January 11, 2009

550 Wheelchairs Are On The Way To Honduras! Or Are They Here?

For the last 2 weeks I have been doing the Honduran waiting game. Wednesday, December 31 I received a telephone call that 550 new wheelchairs for us to donate had just arrived in El Salvador. "But," I was also informed that they "wouldn't be delivered until Friday January 2nd, because the port is closed and customs is closed for the holiday." I thought to myself, "This is good. I can rest New Years Day and then over the weekend we can start putting them together and distributing them." Yes, you read correctly, I have to put them together! 550 chairs in a gazillion pieces will arrive in 1156 boxes. Thank God for many willing and able volunteers. We have scheduled and re-scheduled with two churches to help us turn the pieces into chairs.

Guess again! Friday came and went and NO ONE showed up at work! I called the Head of the Shipping Port, we performed surgery on his wife's forehead tumor, several years ago, so he is a friend. "NO PROBLEMO," he said, "Everything will clear the port in one day."

Today is January 11th and still no wheelchairs! But Friday I received a telephone call that the chairs had left El Salvador headed to Honduras by land at 1:39 PM. It is about a two hour drive PLUS all the paperwork at the frontier between Honduras and El Salvador. So even though I couldn't get through to the port to see if they had arrived, I THINK they are finally here in Honduras!

Thanks in advance to Nacaome Church of Christ and Pastor Santos Ramirez and his crew! And thanks in advance to Shaddi Church in San Lorenzo and Pastor Joel Garcia and his crew! We are looking for more volunteers. A "crew chief" would be GOOD! Would anyone like to come down from the USA and work for a couple of weeks helping us? We will promise free food and a free bed or hammock and lots of ORGANIZED CHAOS!

I have a saying, "There is only one thing that you can count on in Honduras and that is that everything is subject to change."


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