Sunday, March 31, 2013

March 27-31, 2013 Easter Week Relaxing With Some of My Adopted Children and Grandchildren Near the Beach

April Sky and Dylan with all the gifts which the gringo friends gave to their family.

A closeup shows some of the things which they were given.
The envelope holds money for their new beds, one for each of them.

 Mom and dad along with Dylan and April, everyone is proud of the blessings which God
is pouring out on them.

Since I love to cook, I made a special breakfast for the grandchildren even though I am on vacation!
Fried eggs inside of red pepper rings with kiwi ears and a tomato nose and bacon mouth with carrot tongue and carrot eyelashes... The kids loved it!

One of my adopted sons enjoying the outlook over the ranch, what the photo didn't show is the beautiful view of the Pacific from the mountains.  Nicaragua is beautiful!

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