Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March 5, 2013 A Farm 28.22 Acres Donated To The Ministry

The front of the property has young trees.

The neighbor's fences are falling down.

Our fences are made of treated wood.

Much of the property needs to be bush hogged.

The oldest house on the property.

The largest of 4 ponds on the property.  
It is dry but in rainy season we will close the valve and it will fill up.

Standing down in the pond. 
This pond will be used to grow Tilapia fish which will be used to feed the children 
both at our orphanage and at others.

Across the road, the white sheeting is at a tomato farm.
If they can raise tomatoes then we can too.

The 2nd pond with the 3rd pond behind it.

Lots of land for some cattle and some horses.

Water Apple trees all in a row leading up to the houses.

The hand dug well.
There is also a 375 foot deep machine drilled well.

The dining room.

The kitchen.
Remember this property has been abandoned for about 5 years,
so we have a lot of cleaning to do.

The pantry with some old things still intact.
And with a snake skin on the floor.

To donate to fill this pantry with new food, go to the link below.

The living room.

Some furniture comes with the house.
All mattresses had been stolen.

This was a school class room/ living room.

Bathroom #1
Definitely needs some elbow grease.

Bathroom #2 
Needs more elbow grease than the other bathroom.

Bedroom #3

Bathroom #3

Bedroom #4

Bedroom #5

Bedroom #4 as several windows, but all curtains have been stolen.
We will be looking for people to make curtains for all of the rooms.
If your gift is sewing, then think about donating your time to make curtains.

Bathroom #3

Bathroom #3

Closet and everything has been ransacked.

Bedroom #2
More curtains needed here.

The cow shed.

The cow shed behind and the wash house in front to the right.

Close up of the cow shed.

Someone was illegally cutting the trees.
This was a beautiful pine which shaded the house.

The newest house.
This is a view from the back of the house.
The roof is almost new.
Thank God because the roof on the other house will have to be changed.

The garage.
The van has been totally ransacked and torn to pieces.

Land which can be used for farming.

The old house.
The front is grown up with bushes covering the front.

The farm is replete with mango and other fruit trees.

We even have a stand of bamboo.

Fish hatchery ponds.

Someone was trying to steal tiles off of the roof.  
Who knows how many are missing.

There is a lot of yard work which must be done.

You can't even see the house for all the "decorative" bushes all grown up and wildly taking over.

This is the corn grinding shed.  
There was a machine to grind corn for tortillas, a mainstay in the Honduran diet.  
The machine is presumed stolen.

Fruit trees which all produce.

More fruit trees on the left.

The hill behind was recently illegally stripped of all mature pine trees by a thief.

Since we know who cut and sold the trees, we will be filing charges against them.
At this point we guesstimate somewhere around 2,000 trees were stolen.

Although all the wire inside and outside the houses was stolen.
By some miracle the transformer was not stolen.

We are going to need a lot of help to get this orphanage up and going.
I have a list of needs for all of the electrical which was stolen.
If God speaks to your heart to help with this project, please let us know.

To donate please go the the link below.

We recognize that the Lord gave us this property to help children.
We are very excited about the chance to do this.
We will need the help of others.
If you or your church are interested in helping, please let us know.
We will work with you to plan a work trip for your church.


  1. This is amazing and beautiful. Please Pray for us something quite similar ...it is our dream and vision to do just about the same thing.
    On another note I will gladly share info on aquaponics. Its one of the things I have been sharing and teaching around here.
    Btw...where is this property at?
    Talk to you soon.

  2. Billy, you may reach me at Teresa.Searcy@smartteams.org