Monday, March 11, 2013

March 7-11, 2013 GYN Surgery Team to Juticalpa, Honduras

Breakfast at the hotel, getting ready for a day of hard work.
Dr. Priya Patel and Dr. Sonya Lee

One of the first patients waiting for the surgery rooms to clear out.

In the meanwhile the stork visited.

There was no electricity except from generators so this precluded any air conditioning.
Needless to say the room was hot as a sauna.

These two soldiers were assigned to keep us safe.
My job was to sneak out without them seeing and then come walking down the hall coming back.
After several times of slipping out of their sight they enlisted the help of the locals whenever I walked out the door the locals would tell them and they would come running.

Afternoon snack papaya, soy milk, water apples, bananas, etc.

One of the local doctors doing her public service stayed with us day and night.

All of this came out of one woman's uterus. 

But that is not all, this too!

Hot hard work that made many patients feel better afterwards.
Thank you Dr. Sonya Lee and Dr. Priya Patel and thank you Hospital Juticalpa!

Also a HUGE thank you to Congressman Luis Berrios (below) and his wife who took great care of us while we were there and who did all the front work to try to make everything go smoothly in a town with no electricity!

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