Saturday, April 6, 2013

April 6, 2013 A Nice Surprise Electrical Supplies!

                                                    Today I had a wonderful surprise! 

Now some people might not think of this as a wonderful surprise but I do. 

Look at the picture then allow me to explain.

Today Kathy and Jerry Guise donated all of the above supplies. 

22 light switches
23 plug ins
2 ground fault plug ins
a 220 plug in for the stove we are praying will be donated
3 three in a row light switch plates
8 light switch plates
5 square receptical plates
8 plug in plates
8 cable and telephone plates

Kathy and Jerry Guise have been friends of Honduras and friends of children for years.

They have a heart for children and they come to Honduras regularly to help with building teams for a children's home. They read about our needs and when they came down this time they threw together a few electrical things which will be a huge blessing for us.

I have asked people and asked God for help for all the electrical parts and pieces which were stolen from the farm which was donated to the ministry.

We also need several churches to raise money and to make a missions trip to help us fix up and clean up the children's farm and get everything ready to move in. 

We hope to be moved in by June with the 10 children plus more.

We now have 10 children and the house parents ready and willing to move to the farm, BUT we do not have electricity yet and cannot get electricity until we have $14,250 worth of supplies. 

$260 has been donated. This money was used to buy Romex in the USA which is being shipped down on a container. Why? Because it saves us a lot of money to buy the Romex in the USA verses here in Honduras where it is not available and we have to buy several different wires which cost more.  
We just purchased 1,000 feet of Romex for $260. 
The wire to do the same job is $1.96 per foot in Honduras! 
A friend is shipping it down for free.  
That saved us $1,700.
If we had enough money to purchase another two of the 1,000 foot rolls, it would knock out the most expensive part of the electrical for the orphanage.  $520 plus tax and all the 12/3 wire would be purchased and that would get rid of the $5,586.00 worth of Honduran expenses for a mere $780.00 and I am guessing that the other wire which is needed is also much less expensive in the USA.  

We need 450 feet of 2 guage wire x 3 which in Honduras is $5.10 a foot for a total of $2,293.20.  In trying to look this wire up on the Lowe's web page I am confused as to what we need.  Anyone with electrical sense out there who wants to help me figure it out? 

This is one of the homes on the property which was donated.

Everything electrical was stolen out of this house, including all the wire.

This is the other house on the donated property.

Everything electrical was stolen out of this house also.

The electrical lines between the homes and the transformer were also stolen.

I have asked for the $14,250 for the electrical supplies for the new orphanage and along with the money He is also sending supplies! Thank you Lord! Thank you donors!

List of things still needed and prices in Honduras!

Price sheet on electrical supplies in Tegucigalpa Number of items needed net cost per unit in $ Total Dollars Needed
double light switch    11 $2.41 $26.49
single light switch        55 $1.20 $66.22
double light switch cover  11 $0.84 $9.24
single light switch cover        55 $0.42 $23.10
recepticals                     48 $1.04 $49.73
receptical covers      48 $0.42 $20.16
waterproof  single gang box  3 $4.48 $13.44
waterproof double gang box  15 $10.08 $151.20
waterproof covers  18 $1.96 $35.28
220 volt receptical 2 $4.76 $9.52
220 cover                  2 $2.30 $4.59
Ceiling fans   5 blade 9 $140.00 $1,260.00
wall fans 18 $112.00 $2,016.00
Breakers 240 volt 40 amp 2 $22.40 $44.80
Breakers 120 volt 20 amp 16 $10.08 $161.28
breaker box 20 hole for 125 main 1 $84.00 $84.00
125 main 1 $67.20 $67.20
10 gauge wire 49 per foot 100 $2.74 $274.40
12/3   wire 35 per foot 2850 $1.96 $5,586.00
Inter net wire 19 per foot 200 $1.06 $212.80
Light bulbs  large round 20 $4.54 $90.72
Light bulbs reg.  100 watt 100 $4.48 $448.00
6 foot ground rod 1 $19.60 $19.60
Bulb change stick 1 $29.68 $29.68
Motion sensor light 15 $33.60 $504.00
Flood light 30 $7.00 $210.00
Light recepticals 45 $2.41 $108.36
Light receptical boxes 20 $0.90 $17.92
20 hole breaker box  125 amp 1 $84.00 $84.00
Wire snake 1 $23.52 $23.52
Conduit elbows 16 $0.36 $5.82
Conduit connectors 30 $0.22 $6.72
Out side junction boxes 15 $2.52 $37.80
Conduit clamps 75 $0.34 $25.20
¾’ -10”   conduit 31 $1.20 $37.32
2 gauge wire x 3 450 $5.10 $2,293.20
Entrance alarms 9 $22.40 $201.60

If you have any questions, email me at teresa.searcy   @   smartteams   . org

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