Saturday, October 4, 2008

Woke Up This Morning With Nothing to Teach! and 25 Pastors Waiting To Be Taught!

What a morning! I studied again last night and still had "preachers block"! I went to the seminar with 3 teachings in hand BUT totally unconvinced that I was to teach any of them. I prayed, we sang a song and then I shared with the pastors my dilemma.

I told them that I had studied and studied and studied and still didn't know what to teach so I was going to share some with them.

I shared with them about evangelism and how the Lord always has the lost on His mind. I shared with them some of my adventures in other countries. I shared with them how Mike and I had gone to South Africa in 1981 with Benny Hinn and how the Lord had used my husband Mike to lay hands on a young girl who was blind and how the Lord had healed her. I shared with them how a young man was raised from the dead in Nigeria and how he is now a teacher at the Good Shepherd Christian Academy which we built in Nigeria. I shared with them about our trip to the Philippines and to Ecuador. Basically I shared with them about evangelism and how it works.

I then began to pull out scriptures and shared with them that we all are called to "go to the nations" from Mark 16 and then I began to share on going the extra mile from Matthew 5. I shared how the multitude was at the bottom of the mountain, but only the disciples followed Jesus up the mountain. We talked about the beatitudes and then I felt led to ask who wanted to go to another country. Several pastors raised their hands, but several didn't. I asked who had been to another country and only one raised his hand.

I want you to understand the significance of this in real terms. We are in San Lorenzo, Honduras a 55 minute drive from the Nicaragua border and a 45 minute drive from the El Salvador border and only one of these pastors had ever left the country.
I then asked who had a passport and only one pastor had a passport. I then began to ask people where they wanted to go to minister. I listened to several tell me and then one said, "Costa Rica." As soon as he said it I knew that we needed to send him. So I asked all the pastors to contribute money and guess what, we raised almost enough for him for his passport and his bus fare. He only lacked $15.75 to have enough to go. So I continue to teach and continued to teach on going the extra mile even when we don't want to do so. And then I said, "Who wants to go with with the other pastor to San Lorenzo?" Surprisingly only one pastor raised his hand. So I asked the people to donate to him to pay for his trip and he raised all but $11.33 needed for his trip. So both pastors are leaving for Costa Rica the first week of December for 10 days of ministry. They are planning to work with local pastors and do some street evangelism and integrate the people into the local pastor's churches. They are also asking the Lord to open doors where they can preach at some churches. It was really an exciting day!
I ended up teaching a lot of the word and I shared with the pastors how I have had to learn to go the extra mile in my life when people stole from me, falsely accused me and hurt me. I shared with them about going the extra mile when you don't want to forgive people because they have hurt you, but you must go the extra mile and forgive.
I shared with them how it is God's job to do vengeance and when we take His job away by being vindictive for ourselves, things just don't work out correctly. I shared with them how I had forgiven people who had hurt me terribly and how God had given me peace. We all prayed to forgive those who had hurt us and then we dismissed. God was in control and it was wonderful!

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